When a recipient of an iGUIDE Analytics email presses the SOLD button:

  1. The user is redirected to the iGUIDE portal.

  2. If the user is not signed in, they are redirected to the Sign In page, where the user can also Sign Up if they do not have a portal account.

  3. After the user signs in, the iGUIDE permissions are checked.

  4. If the user is an iGUIDE editor, they can lock the iGUIDE immediately.

  5. If the user has no edit permissions, they are directed to a lock request form that will get emailed to all editors of that iGUIDE and any of them could lock it. The email will mention if requestor’s email address is related to the iGUIDE banner (the email is verified because of step #2). It will then be up to iGUIDE editors to decide how to handle the request.

This procedure is followed for security reasons so that unauthorized users cannot lock iGUIDE's if an Analytics email gets into the wrong hands.