Exporting iGUIDE to Google Street View

Exporting an iGUIDE to Google street view requires a few extra steps in post processing (Stitch) and the data must be sent to Google after the iGuide is created.  The process of sending the data to Google is called exporting and is done directly from the iGuide Portal.  This process requires a few key things to work correctly:

Photospheres:  Google Street view uses photospheres.  If photospheres are not exported during post processing, it will be impossible to export the data to google maps. Remember to make sure photospheres are enabled in your Stitch settings.

Google Business profile:  If the business you are shooting does not have a listing on Google Maps (Google Business Profile), then you or your client will have to create one.  It may take several days for it to appear, so it’s best to check availability ahead of time and create it as soon as possible.

Premium iGuide for VR:  If you are selling your client VR, you must order a Premium iguide.  VR is not available for Standard iguides.

Below is a step by step guide that describes the process of converting an iGUIDE to google street view.  Read this document fully and follow the steps to achieve success.

How to shoot, submit, and export to Google Street View

1.   Shoot an iGuide

Shoot an iGuide of a property.  Include more panoramas to increase walkability.  Make sure that every panorama is within view of another.  Shooting the complete space is not necessary but the panoramas should cover a continuous space.

2.   Stitch: create photospheres

Click the settings button and check the box labelled Create Photospheres for VR.  This will export photospheres for every panorama included in the whole property.  To select individual photospheres double click on the panorama folders.  A blue dot will signify a photosphere is to be created.  Make sure all the panoramas you want seen on Google maps have a blue dot.

STITCH - Enable Photospheres.png

3.   Create the iGuide in the Portal and submit the data

Check the box that appears in the Create iGUIDE screen for Google Street View.  You will be billed once you have done this.  If you forget to check the box you can go back and do it later.

Submit the iGuide export data as you normally would.  Choose a premium iguide if you want VR to be available for the property.  Data transfer may take additional time due to the photospheres.  Each photosphere can add an additional 1.5MB to 2MB for every panorama selected.

4.   Wait for the iGuide to be drafted

When the iGuide has been drafted you will be notified and the property is then ready for the Google Maps Conversion.  You will receive an iGuide report with floorplans just as you would for any other iGuide. The report will also have a link allowing you to download the photospheres for posting on facebook.

5.   Click on the Export to Street View button

In the iGuide portal a button will be visible that says Export to Street View.  When clicked you will be taken to a screen showing any existing Street View Exports. From this screen you can also delete data that has been exported to google street view.  You can re-export the data as many times as you like to make changes.

6.   Click Export Now (from the Projects page)

Click the Export Now button to start the process.

7.   Click Start (after reading a warning)

All content will be uploaded to and stored by Google under your own Google Account. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance of the uploaded content with any policies by Google and other entities that regulate public availability of such content. Planitar only provides software tools for uploading content to Google and is not responsible for compliance of uploaded content with any policies regulating such content.

Google Street View Image Acceptance & Privacy Policies:  https://www.google.com/streetview/privacy/

Prepare your iGuide for Google Street View Conversion in 5 simple steps

1. Choose your Panoramas

2. Arrange Floors

3. Align the floorplan correctly on the map

4. Pick a Business from the list

5. Export the data to Google


1.   Turn Panoramas on and off (select what will be visible)

Double click on any panorama you wish to hide from view.  Double click again on the same panorama and it will become visible again.

2. Arrange Floors

Click and drag floors up or down in the list.  Please place the floors in order from top to bottom as you would like them to appear when viewing the building from the side.  Drag and drop floors to place them where you like.  Indicate the ground floor to ensure that below grade areas are placed correctly.  This is done by clicking the dot next to ground floor.

3.   Align the floorplans to the map

Left click and drag on the floor plans to move them. There will be a floorplan for every level of the property that’s being exported. Left click and drag on the arrow to rotate it. Left click and drag outside the floorplan to move the whole map.  For multi floor properties use the floor selector to show or hide floors by clicking on the eye.

4.   Choose what Google business profile the tour should be uploaded under

Scroll through the list provided to find the space you associated with your data.  If no entry exists then you will have to make one.  This may take several days.

5.   Click the Export button. 

You will have to sign into Google first and allow youriguide.com to submit the data.  This step completes the export process.



When the export is complete the visuals will be available to see on Google Maps.  This process may take several days.  The Google Street View version of the tour can be shared via link or embedded into a website.

Additional notes

You cannot modify the existing Google Street View data.  If changes need to be made you will have to delete the exported data (from the projects screen) and submit it again.

Multiple floors are currently not supported.  Select one floor only.