This article will explain how to modify agent branding.There are quite a few reasons why a banner that has already been included in an active iGUIDE needs to be modified. 

The steps to make any of these changes are simple:

  1. Log into the iGUIDE Portal.

  1. Click on the upper right-hand corner to find the Account Settings.

Figure 1 - User Settings

  1. Click on Settings and this will open up the Settings page.  

  1. Click on the Manage Banners tab to begin modifying agent branding.

Figure 2 - Manage Banner under Settings

  1. Search and find the banner associated with the agent that needs to be modified. Click the blue Edit button to the left-hand corner of the banner.

  1. On the Edit Banner page, make any necessary changes. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue Save button in order to keep the changes.

Figure 3 - Edit Banner page

Once the completed changes have been made, they will automatically show up in any iGUIDE where this banner previously existed.

If an incorrect banner was accidentally selected, another agent has taken over a listing or, changing the banner from one agent to another, the steps are a bit different. For situations such as these follow the steps below:

  1. While logged into the iGUIDE Portal click on the My iGUIDEs tab and search to find the iGUIDE that requires an edit.

  1. Click to open the iGUIDE.

  1. Click on Edit Default View from the tab down the left-hand side Quick Access menu. Refer to figure 3.  

Figure 4 - Quick Access

  1.  Scroll down to Banner. Here the user can either create an entirely new banner or click to select a new banner from the list of created banners. Refer to figure 5. 

Figure 5 - Banner under the Default View page 

  1.  To create a new banner simply Click on the blue +Create new banner button. 

  1.  If selecting a different banner from the ones that have already been created, click on the blue button to the lower left-hand corner of the branding Clear Selected Banner. A pop-up box will appear asking to confirm the removal of an email from the Analytics Subscribers. Refer to figure 6.  

Figure 6 - Update Analytics Subscriptions 

  1.  Click the blue OK button to clear the banner. Select a new banner for this iGUIDE.