This article will focus on adding branding to your iGUIDE. Agent branding can be added to any iGUIDE. Branding appears as a banner that drops down from the top of the interface. Branding is critical to the success of the iGUIDE. Without branding, a prospective buyer cannot contact the listing agent to make an offer or get more information on the property.

Figure 1 - Agent Branding Banner

The banner can include a headshot, a logo and contact information. The banner can also be used to display a custom banner image.

Creating Banners

Banners can be created either during iGUIDE creation or at any time from the settings screen. When a banner is created it is added to your database. This means that once you have created a banner, you can use it for as many iGUIDEs as you wish.

To create a new banner during iGUIDE creation follow this:

  1.  Scroll down to find Step 3 (Add Agent Branding). Step 3 of the iGUIDE creation incorporates a button allowing you to create a banner.

Figure 2 - Add Agent Branding

  1.  Click the blue + Create new banner button. A screen launches that allows you to enter important information such as a name, contact details, phone number, and website. 

Figure 3 - Create Banner screen

  1. To add a headshot or logo to the banner, click on the appropriate black rectangle and select a .png or .jpg image to be displayed. To display a custom banner image, click on the “Click to select custom banner image” rectangle and select a .png or .jpg image. Refer to figure 3. 

NOTE: A custom banner will replace all the other information provided with the image you have selected. 

Selecting an Existing Banner

To select an existing banner during iGUIDE creation follow this:

  1. Enter the name on the banner in the search field. When a partial or complete name is entered, a list of the most likely banners will appear. Click on a banner to select it. Refer to figure 4.

Figure 4 - Selecting a banner

  1. The selected banner will appear in the black rectangle. You can replace it by selecting another banner or, to remove it, click the blue Clear Selected Banner button. Refer to figure 5.

Figure 5 - Selected agent branding banner

Managing Banners

You can access the database of banners from the user settings screen. You can add, delete, and edit banners as required.

  1. To access the user settings screen, click on your name in the iGUIDE Portal and click the Settings option in the drop-down menu. Refer to figure 6.

Figure 6 - Settings under user drop down menu 

  1. Click the manage banners tab to view the existing banners.

  • Click the Edit button to make changes to the banner.

  • Click the Delete button to remove a banner.
  • Click the Create a new banner button to create a new banner. 

NOTE: Any changes you make to existing banners are automatically updated in any iGUIDEs where that banner is currently being used. 

Figure 7 - Edit or Delete existing banners

Adding a Banner After iGUIDE URL Creation

If you did not create a new banner when you created the iGUIDE URL, but now wish to add a new agent proceed as follows:

  1. Click on your name in the iGUIDE Portal and click the Settings option in the drop-down menu.

Figure 8 - Managing banners and creating a new banner 

  1. Select Manage Banners, then select the Create a new banner button. 

  1. After you have created the new banner select the My iGUIDEs tab and use the search field to select the iGUIDE where you wish to add the banner.  

  1. Click on the iGUIDE Details tab to enter the home page of the iGUIDE. Scroll down and select the Edit Default View tab to the left-hand side of the page. 

Figure 9 - Default View page of the iGUIDE 

  1. Under Banner click the black rectangle that reads No banner selected. Click here to select 

  1. From the resultant screen, select the required banner from the list. 

  1. A pop-up box will appear to ask if you want to update the iGUIDE Analytics to include the email in the banner (the default is to automatically select the email). If you do not wish to add this email to receive weekly analytics click on the box to deselect it. 

  1. Once you are satisfied click on the blue OK button to complete the changes. Refer to figure 10. 

Figure 10 - Update Analytics Subscriptions 

NOTE: Any changes you make are immediately applied to the existing iGUIDE. 

Custom Banner Image

A custom banner image is used to create a more tailored branding experience. It will replace all the information you have entered on the banner creation screen with a single image.

The recommended size for a custom banner is 2550px x 820px

The steps required to create a banner with a custom image are no different than creating one normally, except that you are not required to enter any information in the provided text fields.

Multiple People on One Banner (Co-Listing)

You can use the banner fields in the iGUIDE to include multiple agents in cases of co-listings. How the information is displayed/included is dependent on the agents involved.

  1. In the Full Name section, you can include as many names as required. You can separate the names by a comma, an ampersand and/or the word “and”. 

  2. In the Title section, you can include the titles of the agents listed above. Usually, these titles are listed in the order that the names were added. 

  3. In the Brokerage section, you can include the brokerages of the agents listed above. If there is more than one brokerage involved, then usually they are listed in the order that the agent’s names were added. 

  4. The Create Banner function allows you to add multiple phone numbers. Once you have entered one phone number an additional phone number field appears, providing the option of adding another. 

  5. In the Email Addresses field, you can add multiple emails, you must separate the email addresses by a comma.  

  6. In the Website field, you can only include one website. 

Figure 11 - Create Banner page 

  1. The headshot image and logo image fields only allow you to upload one image which means you either need, 

  • One image where the agents were shot together or,

  • One image with both headshots combined.

The same condition applies to the logo. Sometimes co-listing agents decide to not include a headshot at all, while other times the lead agent (if they exist) will include their headshot and logo while including the names and contact information of the other agents involved. The inclusion of this information, and how it is presented, is entirely up to the agents.