This article will explain the potential reasons for an unreceived Analytics Report. 

There are potentially 4 reasons why you haven’t received an Analytics Report. Below are the reasons are ordered from most to least frequent for this situation.

Reason 1:

You are not on the list of Analytics Report subscribers. Check with your iGUIDE Photographer to ensure that you are on the list to receive the report automatically. Also, ensure that the email address used is correct.

Reason 2:

The report went into your spam/junk folder. Some email servers believe this email to be junk and therefore automatically redirect it out of your inbox. Always check junk and spam mail folders first. 

Reason 3:

There is an issue with your email service provider. On our end, we can tell if an Analytics Report was sent out unless there was a bug/glitch. The Analytics Report gets automatically sent out to the email addresses listed in the subscriber list. If you did not receive the email and it’s not in your junk/spam folders then contact your email service provider. Ask your email service provider about permissions and settings to ensure these emails get through to your inbox.

Reason 4:

There was a glitch in the system and the reports did not get sent out by us. This happens extremely infrequently and in this case, we will investigate. We will resend the reports once the issue has been resolved.