This article is here to help understand video links with unbranded iGUIDEs. The iGUIDE Portal allows for many editing functions to be possible. One of these is to hide a video link in an unbranded iGUIDE. This allows agents who create branded videos to help market a listing. The listing will include the video link in the iGUIDE without fear of repercussions from posting the iGUIDE on MLS (since branding is not permitted on MLS).

Follow the steps below to hide an unbranded iGUIDE video link:

  1. On the iGUIDE Portal click the My iGUIDEs tab and search for the property that requires an edit. 

  1. Click the blue Edit button on the iGUIDE that requires an edit. If the iGUIDE is already open click on the Edit Default View. Both options will open the Edit View page.

  1. Scroll down to the Options section and click on the checkbox for Hide Video (unbranded only).

  1. When finished click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save the edit.

This will allow the branded version of the iGUIDE to display the video link and the unbranded iGUIDE to hide the video link. 

Figure 1 - Options section on the Edit View page