The aim of this article is to explain how to submit data for drafting when the iGUIDE Portal is down.

When the portal goes down data cannot be submitted normally, but it can still be submitted. In doing this though, we still require a standard submission procedure to be followed.

The Submission Procedure

To ensure that your data still gets submitted on time, follow these steps:

  1. Process the data through Stitch.

  1. Instead of uploading the .TAR file to the Portal, upload it to a file transfer service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

  1. The link to the file needs to be made public so that anyone on the drafting team can access it.

  1. Create a new support ticket and select Drafting in the “What is it about” field. Paste the link in the “Description” field and write a brief overview of the submission for the drafting team which must include:

    1. Your name and the name of your company. 
    2. The full address of the iGUIDE. 
    3. Whether the iGUIDE will be Standard or Premium. 
    4. Any notes for the drafting team pertaining to how the space is to be drafted.

Successfully completing the steps above will ensure that the drafting team will still be able to publish the iGUIDE. 

When the iGUIDE is complete the drafting team will upload the property to the Portal once it is accessible.

Additional Notes

While the Portal is down the following will be unavailable:

  1. Management of any existing iGUIDE. This means adjusting any labels, turning panos on/off, image editing etc. 
  2. Changing agent branding information on the banner.
  3. Uploading Gallery images.
  4. Creating new iGUIDES.
  5. The Feature Sheet Creator.