This article will explain how to turn panoramas on and off during iGUIDE production. 

Panos can be activated or deactivated for any number of reasons. The state of the pano can be changed at 2 different stages of the iGUIDE creation process. It can be changed in Stitch and in the iGUIDE Portal.



The earliest this can be done is in Stitch while doing any editing to the panos. All regular panos are active by default in Stitch, but can be deactivated by either:

  1.  Middle clicking on the pano in the Project Explorer on the left or,

  1.  Right clicking on the pano in the Project Explorer and choosing disable in iGUIDE from the Context Menu

The name of the pano will change to red and the pano dot on the floor plan will become hollow. Refer to figure 1.

Figure 1 - Activating/deactivating panoramas

iGUIDE Portal

The second way a pano can be activated or deactivated is to do it later on the iGUIDE Portal. This is when the iGUIDE has been completed and sent out by the drafting team. To do this follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Search for the iGUIDE on the Portal under the My iGUIDEs tab and click the blue Edit button. This will open the Edit View page. 

  1. Scroll down and under Preview will be the preview view of the iGUIDE. 

  1. Find the pano that needs to be activated/deactivated and double-click it. The ring around the pano indicates whether it is activated/deactivated. A red ring indicates that the pano is deactivated along with text across the pano visuals, refer to figure 2. A green ring indicates that the pano is active. 

  1. Once the required panos have been activated or deactivated click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

Figure 2 - Activating/deactivating panoramas on the iGUIDE Portal