This article explains how to set the initial pano, the direction it faces on the iGUIDE, and how to enable or disable a pano. The iGUIDE tour can start with any pano, and every pano can be changed to start at any angle. 

In addition, this article explains how to select the initial angle for any and all panos on the iGUIDE. All of these settings can be changed in Stitch and on the iGUIDE Portal; this article focuses on the iGUIDE Portal.

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Setting the Initial Pano and Pano Angle

Follow these steps to set the initial pano:

  1. Log into the iGUIDE Portal.

  1. Find the iGUIDE that needs to have its initial view changed or edited.

  1. Click the blue Edit button. 


Figure 1 - Choosing an iGUIDE to edit

  1. Scroll down and, in the Editor section, select the pano (green circle) that you want as the initial pano.
    See Figure 2.

Figure 2: Selecting a pano

  1. Once a new pano has been chosen, you can choose to select a starting angle. To do this, rotate the panorama to the position you would like to be greeted with when loading the iGUIDE 3D Tour.  

Figure 3 - Preview of selecting a new initial pano

  1. Once chosen, click on Set Initial Angle (1)

  2. Click on Actions (2) then Set Initial Pano (3) 

    Note: If you are setting an Initial angle for all panos, do not select this option unless you wish for the iGUIDE to begin with the selected pano.

  3. Click on the blue Save button (4) to save the panorama.

  4. When you click Save, the 3D Tour will flick back to the Starting pano you have set. You may then go back and click on the pano to confirm your initial angle was saved.

You can also set the initial pano angle in Stitch by using the Set initial pano angle button. A blue box will appear on the pano preview indicating the first pano angle. The box will be orange if indicating the initial angle for the initial pano of the iGUIDE.

Enabling/Disabling a Pano

The second way a pano can be activated or deactivated is to do it later on in the iGUIDE Portal. This is when the iGUIDE has been completed and sent out by the drafting team. To do this follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log into the iGUIDE Portal.

  2. Find the iGUIDE that needs to have panos disabled.

  3. Click the blue Edit button. 

Figure 4 - Choosing an iGUIDE to edit



  1. Scroll down and, in the Editor section, double-click the pano (green circle) that you want to disable; it will then have a red circle around it, indicating that it is disabled. See Figure 5 & 6.

Figure 5 - Enabled Pano

Figure 6 - Disabled Pano

  1. Your panorama will also reflect that it is disabled with a small banner across the center, see Figure 7.

Figure 7 - Disabled pano banner

  1. Once the required panos have been activated or deactivated click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page. This is also where you can define the starting floor for the iGUIDE (Start iGUIDE with the current floor) See figure 8.

Figure 8 - Saving your edits