(Fallback method) Request an Update through the Support Desk

Modified on Wed, 01 Mar 2023 at 08:55 AM

Pano or Floorplan updates can now be processed through the iGUIDE Portal, this article is meant for backup purposes only.

This document is superseded by Requesting an update through the iGUIDE Portal.

This article will explain the difference between a Pano Update and a Floor Plan UpdateIt will also explain the many potential reasons for requesting said updates to an iGUIDE. Pano updates are not to be confused with Pano Image Replacement.


IMPORTANT: Except for shooting still images or outdoor panos that are far from any featured building, the laser scanner must always be turned on. Laser data is essential for the drafting team to be able to accurately position panoramas.


Pano Update


  • A pano update is necessary when you have returned to the property for a reshoot.

  • A reshoot may have been scheduled for any or all of the following reasons:

  1. The property wasn’t staged properly during the first shoot.

  2. Furniture was moved around or removed.

  3. Change in season (i.e. winter vs. summer images).


  • In this case, the drafting team only needs to replace the current panos with the new ones, and no changes to the drafted floor plan are necessary.

  • The process for submitting new panos to us for a pano update is as follows:

  1. Shoot the new panos in a new project in Survey.

  2. Load the files into Stitch and do any editing you need to.

  3. Export the iGUIDE from Stitch, locate the resulting TAR file within the _Export folder.

  4. Upload the TAR file to a file transfer service (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.) and make sure the link is public so anyone in the drafting department can download the files.

  5. Share the files with the drafting team by opening a ticket on the Support Desk.

  6. Provide a description of the update, including the full address and a link to the existing iGUIDE.


Note: The pano update charge is determined by the number of new panos added to the iGUIDE. Go to the Support Section on the portal to see the Processing Fees.


Floor Plan Update


  • A floor plan update is necessary when a client wants another building on the property to be featured, or when the iGUIDE does not reliably represent the physical space.

  • The floor plan may be deemed outdated or unreliable for any of the following reasons:

  1. The property has undergone construction and the floor plan needs to be modified to reflect the new changes.

  2. A section of the property wasn’t documented in the first shoot so the new areas need to be documented and sent in to be drafted.

  3. Evidence is provided which shows that the drafting team has made a mistake during drafting.


  • In cases where the drafting team needs to add/replace the current panos with the new ones, the new data must be delivered to us. 


  • The process for delivering new panos to us for a floor plan update is the same as with a pano update(see above).

  • Once the team has received the new data, they will begin making the requested changes to the floor plan.


Note: The floor plan update charge is determined by the new square footage (if applicable) and the number of new panos added to the iGUIDE.

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