This article is here to explain how to create an iGUIDE. In order to create an iGUIDE, there must be access to either an Operator or Sub-account in the Portal. Log into the iGUIDE Portal and click on the +Create iGUIDE tab.

The process of creating an iGUIDE can be broken down into the following steps:

1. Choose your iGUIDE Package

  1. Choose the iGUIDE Package.

  1. Choose any Paid Add-ons.

Figure 1 - Choosing the iGUIDE Package

2. Enter A Property Address

  1. Choose the Country the property is located in.

  1. Fill in the property address in the Enter A Property Address... This will auto-populate the other required fields, Street Number, Unit, Street, City, Providence/ State, and Postal Code

  1. Once complete click the blue Select button to continue.

Figure 2 - Enter A Property Address

3. Add Agent Branding

  1. From the Search for a banner field, start typing the first name, last name or email of the agent to select the appropriate agent.

  1. Select the +Create new banner button if this is a brand new user or an agent that has never used branding before. The banner can be created on this page. For more information on how to create a new banner check out the article Add Branding to Your iGUIDE.

Here there is a function to add new agents to the mailing list where they will receive educational emails automatically. This will teach them how to use the iGUIDE and all of its tools.

  1. Under Mailing List Subscribers click the checkbox for Add banner email to the iGUIDE educational mailing list (for first-time iGUIDE users). The email in the branded banner will auto-populate in the Enter email field.

  1. Enter any customized or additional emails in the Enter email field. 

Figure 3 - Add Agent Branding

4. People

Choose who will receive the iGUIDE and who can edit the iGUIDE. After clicking on the blue Edit button to the right of this title, it will open up options for automatically selecting the email as the iGUIDE ManagerAll iGUIDE Editors and All emails from agent’s banner.

  1. Under iGUIDE Report Subscribers, uncheck any box that is not required.

  1. Enter any additional emails for the iGUIDE Report to be sent to in the Enter email address to add someone field.

  1. Under the Editors section, add the emails of any editors into this iGUIDE.

NOTE: This may include the photographers or anyone related to the real estate agent, the realtor themselves or, members of their marketing team or administrative team.

  1. Under the iGUIDE Analytics Subscribers, the same automatic checkboxes are available here as for the iGUIDE Report Subscribers. Check any box that is required. 

  1. Enter any additional emails in the Enter email address to add someone field.

Figure 4 - People

5. Upload Data

Here is where stitch data and/or images can be uploaded. These areas are not mandatory for the creation of the iGUIDE. If the stitch data and/or images are absent then the iGUIDE URL can still be created..

  1. Drag and drop exported stitch data into the Upload Stitch Data field.

  1. Drag and drop gallery images into the Upload Images field.

Figure 5 - Upload Data, drag and drop 

Advanced Options

There are advanced options available as well that include the ability to edit the iGUIDE Viewer before creating the completed iGUIDE URL. This will save a step in having to create the URL then going back in and making any necessary changes.

Note: Newly created iGUIDE URL links are instantly indexed by Google.

These edit functions are the same ones available in the Edit Default View page within each iGUIDE..

  1. Click on the arrow icon to the right of the title Advanced Options.

  1. Check anything that you require.

Figure 6 - Advanced Options 

  1. Once satisfied with all available options, click the blue Create iGUIDE button in order to complete the process.

Figure 7 - Create iGUIDE button