This article will explain how to lock/unlock an iGUIDE, and the use case for locking iGUIDEs.

An iGUIDE view is generally locked when a house is sold, to remove the tour from the public eye (a good representation of a sold home if they use the URL). It is also useful for when you first create an iGUIDE but don’t want the tour available until you have finished customising your view. 

You could lock an iGUIDE view, then create a duplicate for private eyes (it would generate a new link). This new link will be unlisted.

Locking or unlocking the iGUIDE can be done at any time from the iGUIDE Portal. Below are steps on how to do it:

  1. Find the iGUIDE on the My iGUIDEs page of the iGUIDE Portal (

  1. Click the iGUIDE Details button. Refer to figure 1.

Figure 1 - Find the iGUIDE on the Portal

  1. Scroll down and Under iGUIDE User Views click the Lock button. Refer to figure 2.

Figure 2 - Lock the iGUIDE under User Views

  1. After clicking the Lock button a pop-up will appear. Here click the red Lock button to lock the iGUIDE or click the blue Lock and create a new Unlisted View button.

Figure 3 - Lock iGUIDE View pop-up

  1. To unlock the iGUIDE follow the same first three steps above but instead of clicking on the Lock button, click the Unlock button.

Figure 4 - Unlock the iGUIDE

  1. The Unlock iGUIDE View pop-up box will appear. Click on the red Unlock button to unlock the iGUIDE. 

Figure 5 - Unlock iGUIDE View