This article will explain how to lock/unlock an iGUIDE. 

Locking or unlocking the iGUIDE can be done at any time from the iGUIDE Portal. Below are steps on how to do it:

  1. Find the iGUIDE on the My iGUIDEs page of the iGUIDE Portal (

  1. Click the iGUIDE Details button. Refer to figure 1.

  1. Scroll down and under iGUIDE User Views click the Lock button. Refer to figure 2.

Figure 1 - Find the iGUIDE on the Portal

Figure 2 - Lock the iGUIDE under User Views

  1. After clicking the Lock button a pop-up will appear. Here click red Lock button to lock the iGUIDE or click the blue Lock and create a new private View button.

Figure 3 - Lock iGUIDE View pop-up

  1. To unlock the iGUIDE follow the same first three steps above but instead of clicking on the Lock button, click the Unlock button.

Figure 4 - Unlock the iGUIDE

  1. The Unlock iGUIDE View pop-up box will appear. Click on the red Unlock button to unlock the iGUIDE. 

Figure 5 - Unlock iGUIDE View