This article is to help fix any problems related to the Survey app while out in the field.

The URL for Survey is

When experiencing any problems while using the Survey app there are a few easy things that can be done to potentially fix it. The following fixes are listed below:

  1. Tap the refresh button. This will reload the app from the camera. No data is lost and the app will start exactly where it left off.

  1. Restart the smart device by powering it off completely. This will reboot the smart device and close all other applications that are running.

  1. Restart the camera. Turn the camera off and reconnect to it again. The Survey app will start exactly where it had left off.

  1. Change the Wi-Fi channel. If there is interference on a given channel due to traffic volume the camera may not respond correctly to inputs. It is best to set Auto channel.

  1. Turn off mobile data. Very rarely, the browser may not be able to access the Survey app if mobile data is enabled.

  1. From the Manage screen in Survey, tap the button that says Safely remove the USB drive. Remove the USB drive and then reinsert it.

  1. If unable to locate the camera in the device’s list of Wi-Fi sources try the following: Turn the device’s Wi-Fi off and then back on again. This will force the device to rescan Wi-Fi sources.

  1. If DSLR shoot buttons are not available, remove and re-insert the DSLR battery and ensure the DSLR USB cable is fully inserted at both ends.