This article will help explain how to create an iGUIDE Private View to share with clients. Once an iGUIDE is created, it appears on the iGUIDE Map and can be searched through Google. The view of this iGUIDE can be locked so that the virtual touring of the property becomes unavailable. 

Figure 1 - Locked Tour

Once the original link is locked, a private view can be created to share with clients. This view will never appear on the iGUIDE Map or through Google search.

To create a Private View follow these steps: 

  1. Create an iGUIDE and upload the data.

  1. Before the iGUIDE is processed, search for it under My iGUIDEs on the Portal, then click on the iGUIDE Details button. Refer to figure 2. 

Figure 2 - My iGUIDEs Property Search

  1. Scroll down and under iGUIDE User Views click on the Lock button. Refer to figure 3.

Figure 3 - iGUIDE User Views

  1. After clicking on the Lock button a pop up will appear titled, Lock iGUIDE View. This will give the option to lock the iGUIDE and to create a new Private View. Refer to figure 4. 

Figure 4 - Lock iGUIDE View

  1. The original iGUIDE is now locked and a new private URL link is automatically created. Copy the link and share it with clients. Refer to figure 5.

Figure 5 - New Private View