This article is used to explain the roles and accounts within the iGUIDE Portal. There are three types of roles within the iGUIDE Portal:

Editor Role

The Editor role requires an account within the Portal. This can be any one of the three account types (see below for account types). As an Editor, you can create and/or edit iGUIDEs. This means you can:

  1. Add/remove photos in the gallery.

  1. Add/change/disable room labels.

  1. Change/disable panoramas.

  1. Modify the address.

  1. Modify any of the options in the Edit View in an iGUIDE you have access to.  

  1. Add/remove other editors. 

  1. The Editor role can be selected only from people who have an account on the iGUIDE Portal. Editors cannot remove the Manager

Manager Role

The Manager role requires an account within the Portal. Each iGUIDE has only one Manager and is considered the “Editor-in-Chief” and “Owner” of the iGUIDE. 

The operator account holder always starts out as being the Manager. However, the operator account holder can transfer this title to any other account holder in the iGUIDE Portal. The Manager has the same editing capabilities as an Editor

Subscriber Role

Subscribers are named recipients of emailed reports. There are two types of reports; iGUIDE Report and Analytics Report. Subscribers for these reports can be added separately and do not have to be the same for both. To add a Subscriber, type in an email address directly. A Subscriber does not require an account on the iGuide Portal. 

There are three types of accounts within the iGUIDE Portal:

Operator Account

Operator accounts are created by Planitar for the iGUIDE Operator. An email is sent to the Operator Owner with an invitation to complete the sign-in at,

Operator accounts can create sub-accounts for their photographers and/or booking/customer service reps, or administrators who may be creating iGUIDEs under the operator's name. Operator Accounts have access to all iGUIDEs created by sub-account holders. Operator accounts may disable any sub-accounts.


Operator accounts create sub-accounts; an invitation is sent via email to the sub-account holder to complete the creation of the account. Sub-accounts are for photographers or other employees in the operator organization. Sub-accounts can create, edit and manage iGUIDEs. 

User Account

User account holders sign themselves up in the iGUIDE Portal, they do not need an invitation or anybody else to create an account on their behalf. Examples of a user account holder would be an agent, homeowner or an end user. They must be assigned as an editor or a manager before they can access any iGUIDEs and/or make any changes. They cannot create iGUIDEs.