This article will explain what locking an iGUIDE means, as well as why you should lock an iGUIDE, who can lock an iGUIDE, and how to lock an iGUIDE.

iGUIDE Analytics are received once per week at approximately 3 am EST via email to any subscribers in the iGUIDE Portal. The Analytics report details visits to the iGUIDE; unique vs. returning, where did the visitors come from, and how long the average stay is.

What does "Locking" an iGUIDE Mean?

Locking an iGUIDE is like locking the doors to the property. In doing this, you will be making the public link to the iGUIDE inaccessible. Once locked, if someone clicks a public link, they will see a message stating: “this iGUIDE has been locked”. 

Why should I lock an iGUIDE?

When the iGUIDE link remains active (unlocked), anybody can access all of the property details available through the iGUIDE. For privacy reasons, it is recommended to lock the iGUIDE from public view once the property has sold, or if the seller has decided to take their home off the market (permanently or temporarily).

If the buyer/seller wants to access the iGUIDE you can provide them either with a private link (created through the iGUIDE Portal) or by providing them with the offline iGUIDE (downloadable through the iGUIDE Report). 

How to lock an iGUIDE:

  1. If you are receiving an iGUIDE Analytics Report and click on the Sold button it will redirect you to the iGUIDE Portal

  2. You will be greeted with a Sign In page if you haven’t signed in on this browser before, or your session has timed out. See Figure 1

Figure 1: Sign In page.

  1. If you do not have permissions to directly lock an iGUIDE, you will be presented with a form you can submit to the Editors of the iGUIDE, requesting for it to be locked. Fill out the form and click on the Request to lock the iGUIDE button See Figure 2

Figure 2: iGUIDE Lock request form.

  1. If you do have permission to lock an iGUIDE, you will be presented with a simple form, where you can confirm the Address and URL before locking, click on Lock a sold iGUIDE to continue. See Figure 3.

Figure 3: Locking a Sold iGUIDE

  1. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to lock the iGuide, once you have confirmed you are locking the correct iGUIDE, click on Lock the iGuide. See Figure 4

Figure 4: Lock the iGUIDE.

  1. Once you have confirmed you want to lock the iGUIDE, you will be brought to the confirmation screen. The iGUIDE link you have locked will now be displayed as (Expired). See Figure 5.



Figure 5: Expired iGUIDE link.

This procedure is followed for security reasons so that unauthorised users cannot lock iGUIDES if an Analytics email gets into the wrong hands.

For step-by-step instructions on Locking/Unlocking an iGUIDE, please click here.