This article will explain the who, what and why to locking and iGUIDE. 

iGUIDE Analytics are received once per week at approximately 3 am EST via email to any subscribers in the iGUIDE Portal. The Analytics report details visits to the iGUIDE; unique vs. returning, where did the visitors come from and how long is the average stay. 

iGUIDE Portal Account

It is recommended that you create an account in the iGUIDE Portal. This will allow you to have access to editing and locking the iGUIDE. If you create an account you will need to notify your iGUIDE photographer. This way they will be able to add you in as an Editor into the iGUIDES you have ordered. If you are not added in as an Editor, you will not have access to any iGUIDES. 

Who locks the iGUIDE?

In order to lock an iGUIDE you must have an account in the iGUIDE Portal. You must also have Editor access to the iGUIDE you want to lock. 

If you are receiving an iGUIDE Analytics report and click on the Sold button it will redirect you to the iGUIDE Portal. Here you will have the option to log into the Portal and lock the iGUIDE or you can click to select lock a sold iGUIDE. If you do not log in, the system will send an email to the photographer for this iGUIDE letting them know that the iGUIDE should be locked. 

If you log into the iGUIDE Portal but cannot access this property it means that you do not have Editor access. In this case, you can either: contact your iGUIDE photographer and request Editor access (they will need to know the email you used to sign up for the iGUIDE Portal account) and/or contact your iGUIDE photographer and request that they lock the iGUIDE. 

What does “locking an iGUIDE mean”?

Locking an iGUIDE means making the public link inaccessible. If the iGUIDE link exists online when somebody clicks on it they will no longer be able to view the iGUIDE. Instead, they will see a message “this iGUIDE has been locked”. 

Why should I lock an iGUIDE?

When the iGUIDE link remains active/unlocked, anybody can access all of the property details available through the iGUIDE. For privacy reasons, it is recommended to lock the iGUIDE from public view once the property has sold or if the seller has decided to take their home off the market (permanently or temporarily). 

If the buyer/seller would like access you can provide them either with a private link (created through the iGUIDE Portal) or by providing them with the offline iGUIDE (downloadable through the iGUIDE Report).