This article provides information on how iGUIDE Analytics are managed.

  1. We do not send weekly Analytics emails for iGUIDEs that are less than two days old. That means weekly Analytics emails are not sent for iGUIDEs drafted on Saturdays. 

  1. The title Last 7 days is wrong, it should say This week. The numbers displayed in this section indicate visits during the current week (starting from Monday). This means that the iGUIDE has no visits on Monday.

  1. Visits that are not long enough to load the iGUIDE Viewer are not counted. For example, if a user clicks the link on Facebook and then closes the iGUIDE page almost immediately, the visit is not counted. 

  1. Some browser extensions (e.g. AdBlockers) behave very aggressively and may block the requests the iGUIDE Viewer makes to report session details.

  1. We have recently experienced some problems with our Analytics storage. This can lower the reported numbers even more. We are in the middle of a transition to a new storage, this process should be done shortly.

  1. iGUIDE Analytics emails get sent out at 1 am EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) every Monday. This schedule cannot be changed. However, you have the option of doing it manually at any other time for an individual iGUIDE.

  1. Additional information is available in video format at Scroll down to the analytics video. You can also share this link directly with agents. To do this automatically, add the admin email (or whoever wants to receive automatically) into the agents branded banner (under the email field you can add multiple emails by separating out each with a comma). If the agent does not want this, then the only way is how you have completed it for this agent.