This article will explain how to download an offline iGUIDE to an iPad. 

To download an offline version of an iGUIDE and view it on an iPad follow these steps:

  1. Download an iZip app to the iPad. (iPads and iPhones do not allow files to be unzipped without the app. The offline version of the iGUIDE needs to be unzipped in order to be viewed).

Figure 1 - iZip app for iPad

  1. Download an offline version of the iGUIDE from the iGUIDE Report onto the iPad. Once it finishes the download, go back to the Report and click on Download again.

Figure 2 - Downloads section of the iGUIDE Report

Figure 3 - Screen after clicking Download the first time

Figure 4 - Choose to open with iZip app

  1. After clicking on the Download button a second time, the iPad will ask what to do with the file. Choose to open it with the iZip app (refer to figure 4) and click OK when asked, “Would you like to extract all files?” Refer to figure 5. 

Figure 5 - Would you like to extract all files?

4. The folder will then open. Click the folder to view all the files within it.  

Figure 6 - Downloaded folder

5. The file to look for is the index.html. Click on it and the iGUIDE will open.

Figure 7 - Opened iGUIDE from the index.html folder

6. Choose to full screen the iGUIDE.

Figure 8 - Download