How to Shoot Partial Panos (IMS-5)

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This article is here to help explain how to shoot partial panos. 

Partial panos were first supported with Stitch v6.2.0. It’s a good practice to schedule regular update checks to ensure your current Stitch version is up to date. 

Auto-update or download now through the iGUIDE Portal

NOTE: Partial panos do not collect sufficient data for any space that’s big enough to walk into. They are not an optional substitute for full panos.

What is a partial pano?

Partial panos include only one shot out of the three shots that are required for a full panorama. The purpose of partial panos is to quickly capture a space that is too small to walk into. 

These spaces don’t require a full 360-degree panorama but still need to be documented properly.

How do I use partial panos?

To create a partial pano follow the normal procedure for creating a full panorama as required. However, the shots taken at positions 2 and 3 on the rotator can be skipped.

When should I use partial panos?

Use a partial pano to capture a space that is small, doesn’t benefit from a whole panorama, and may be too cluttered to enter. Some examples include small closets and storage spaces. The partial pano must be taken immediately outside of the room looking into it, ideally far enough outside in order to capture the door frame of the room. However, if the partial pano is taken too far from the desired room most of the data will be missing. 

Important details to know about partial panos

There are a few important details that need to be understood about the partial pano. Below are some key details about the partial pano:

  1. They are not viewable on the final iGUIDE. Partial panos can only be seen in post processing and during the drafting process.

  1. They do not replace a full pano for any space that’s big enough to walk into. A full panorama is still required for every space in the property.

  1. Only one fisheye image is captured so the visuals and measurements will occupy a smaller field of view than with a full pano.  

  1. They are harder to align because they have fewer data and visuals.

  1. If the photographer forgets to shoot part of an entire panorama it will appear as a partial panorama in Stitch.

  1. In Survey, when creating a new panorama after shooting a partial pano, a warning will pop that says “The current pano is incomplete. Are you sure you want to create a new pano?”  This warning can be ignored if a partial pano is being created intentionally.

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