This article explains how to upload gallery images to an iGUIDE. 

There are two methods to upload images to an iGUIDE gallery: 

  1. When creating an iGUIDE URL

  1. After the creation of an iGUIDE URL

Method 1

When creating an iGUIDE follow these steps below to upload gallery images:

  1. On the + Create iGUIDE page scroll down to step number 5. (This refers to Stitch data and uploading images). 

  1. The last section of step 5 is called Upload Images. It is characterized by a perforated rectangle that indicates dragging and dropping gallery images. 

Figure 1 - Upload Images

  1. Click to select it. This will open up the computer’s file folder where the the user can search for and upload images.

Method 2

If  the iGUIDE URL has already been created and requires additional images follow the steps below:

  1. Find the iGUIDE in the My iGUIDEs tab on the iGUIDE Portal.

  1. Click on the Upload to iGUIDE Gallery tab. Refer to figure 2.

Figure 2 - Upload to iGUIDE Gallery

This opens up the Edit Gallery page within the iGUIDE. Here will be the ability to drag and drop images or click to select images.

  1. Click to select images or drag and drop images. 

Underneath the grey drag and drop images rectangle are options and notes. The options include appending uploaded images to galleries of all iGUIDE Views, append images only to the Default View Gallery and just upload the images to the iGUIDE gallery. Notes include maximum image size, the maximum number of images in the gallery etc. Refer to figure 3. 

Figure 3 - Edit Gallery options and notes

Figure 4 - Edit Gallery page

  1. Once all of the images have been successfully uploaded click on Edit Default View. While on the Default View page the images can be viewed, reordered and edited.