This article explains how to edit or remove gallery images.

Images may need to be edited or removed after the original images were uploaded. There may be images that need to be removed at the seller or agent's request. Whatever the reason is, images can easily be removed from the iGUIDE. 

Follow the steps below to edit or remove gallery images:

  1. Log into the iGUIDE Portal.

  1. Find the iGUIDE in the My iGUIDEs tab.

  1. Click to open the iGUIDE and select Edit Default View from the selection of tabs down the left-hand side of the page.

  1. Click on the blue Edit button to the right of the Gallery. Refer to figure 1. 

Figure 1 - Edit Default View, edit Gallery images

This will open up the User View Gallery, images can be moved or removed in this view. Refer to figure 2. 

  1. To move the images click and drag the image or use the forward/backward arrows to change the position of the image

  1. In order to remove an image from the gallery click the “x” in the red box at the top right-hand corner of each image.

Figure 2 - User View Gallery

The excluded images will show up in the grey box to the right under Excluded Images. These images can be added back into the gallery at any time. 

  1. Click the blue Save button at the top or bottom of the page to save any changes.