This article explains how to download images from the iGUIDE Report. 

In the downloads section of the iGUIDE Report there is a link to download the MLS- sized Image Gallery and/or the Hi-Res Image Gallery

Figure 1 - Downloads section of the iGUIDE Report

NOTE: The download links will expire in 3 weeks. When attempting to download any items past this 3 week time frame, it will not work. Downloading directly from the iGUIDE Portal or re-sending the iGUDE Report will be required. With a new iGUIDE Report the downloadable link will be usable again. 

Follow the steps below to download images from the iGUIDE Report:

  1. Click on the word Download or right-click as it suggests to start downloading the zip files. Depending on the users internet browser and computer setup, the files may show up in different areas. 

With Google Chrome, the downloaded images will show up at the bottom of the screen. Refer to figure 2. 

Figure 2 - Downloads using Google Chrome

With Internet Explorer, a pop-up box will ask “what do you want to do with…” Refer to figure 3. 

Figure 3 - Downloads using Internet Explorer

With Firefox, a pop-up box will appear asking “What should Firefox do with this file?” Refer to figure 4.

Figure 4 - Downloads using Firefox

  1. Click to open the folder. It will show the name of the folder, the name of the file within the folder and indicate that it is a zipped folder. This means that the user cannot access the files within the zip folder until it has been unzipped/extracted.

Figure 5 - Opening the downloaded folder

  1. Click on the Extract button to extract (unzip) the files. The users computer will verify this function to confirm the name and location of the unzipped file. Refer to figure 6. Once these selections have been made, click Extract all and the unzipping process will begin. Refer to figure 7.  

Figure 6 - Select a Destination and Extract Files

Figure 7 - Extract all 

Once this action is complete the computer will automatically open up the unzipped file. It will look very similar to the original downloaded file but there will be no indication of a zipped/compressed file. There will be no zipper image on the file folder. Also no compression, zip or extraction terminology will be found. Refer to figure 8.

Figure 8 - Opened unzipped file

  1. Click on the files within the folder to locate the images. The user now has access to the images downloaded from the iGUIDE Report.