Stitch is the software used by iGUIDE service providers to process data from the IMS-5 Camera System before it is sent to the iGUIDE Drafting Team for further processing. Processing in Stitch is required before the iGUIDE Drafting Team can process the data. Stitch plays an important role in configuring the iGUIDE before it is published.

Download Stitch here

Stitch’s abilities include:

  • Stitch fisheye images into 360 panoramas

  • Adjust panoramas for color and brightness

  • Align laser measurement data

  • Configure panos as hidden or shown

  • Set grade level for each floor

  • Add or change exterior wall thickness

  • Add notes for the drafting team

  • Take snapshots

New to using Stitch? Please see our online training resources.

Figure 1 - The Stitch application