How to Calibrate your IMS 5 Camera


You may see compass related warning messages in Survey periodically. See Figure 1



Figure 1 - Compass Angle error


This is normal and means the compass can not get a good reading. If these messages become more frequent, it is recommended to calibrate the compass. 

Once in Survey, this can be done by going to the Manage tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then tapping the calibrate compass button. 

As soon as you do that, you will be given three options: 

  1. Show How-to Video, 
  2. OK
  3. Cancel

To start the calibration immediately click OK, or watch a How-to video on how to complete the process. 

Figure 2 - calibration options


If you are viewing this document on a computer, you can also click here to view a How-to video with demonstrations.

The how-to video is built right into the camera and it shows you how to move the camera, so the compass can get the information needed to calibrate itself. 

There are three movements you are required to make:


Front to back

Left to Right



Watch the video as many times as needed. To begin calibration, click the “Ok” button.

Note: Camera rotation should be performed slowly and should take about 10-20 seconds to complete. If the calibration data collection is not completed in 60 seconds, the procedure will time out and will need to be repeated.


Move the camera around as you saw in the video, and then tap Finish. You should then see a message that says: “Compass was calibrated successfully”, you may then tap “Ok” to clear this message.


If you are unsuccessful, please make sure you review the steps required and retry the process.