The Primary Contact role is the solution for iGUIDE Operators who want their clients to have consistent contact with one email address (i.e. one person) responsible for communicating with their clients directly.

When an Editor or Manager of an iGUIDE is assigned the role of Primary Contact, all other Editors which are set to receive emails such as the iGUIDE Report will be BCC’d instead of CC’d on the email. This also applies to emails such as iGUIDE lock requests, and iGUIDE expiry notifications. Without assigning anyone to the Primary Contact role, the Manager and all Editors will be CC’d on these emails if they are subscribed.


  • The Primary Contact must have an iGUIDE Portal account.

  • The Primary Contact must either be an Editor or Manager of the iGUIDE.

Assigning the Default Primary Contact

You can assign the default Primary Contact for every new iGUIDE you create by going to the 
iGUIDE Defaults tab within your User Settings.

  1. Create an account on the iGUIDE Portal for this contact if they do not already have an account on

  2. Assign this account to be the Default Primary Contact in the Default iGUIDE Settings page (see Figure 1).

    1. Assign this user to the Default Editors field.

    2. Assign this user as the Default Primary Contact.

Figure 1

  1. Save your changes.

Any new iGUIDE you create from now on will have this person assigned both as an Editor and the Primary Contact.

Assigning the Primary Contact for a New iGUIDE

On the 
Create New iGUIDE pagethe Primary Contact field is found on step 4, People. Here, you can assign the Primary Contact (see Figure 2). As it says, the Primary Contact must already be an Editor or Manager.

Figure 2

Assigning the Primary Contact for an Existing iGUIDE

Once you have found your iGUIDE in the My iGUIDEs list, press any iGUIDE actions button and go to the 
Edit iGUIDE People page. The Primary Contact field can be found. You can assign the Manager or any Editor as the new Primary Contact (see Figure 3).

Figure 3