For professional real estate photography, generally, you’ll find it’s best to take photographs using your dedicated camera with an appropriate lens. Fisheye lenses, like the iGUIDE camera, generate images with significant edge distortion, making them non-ideal candidates for extracting (hi-res) gallery images. However, if you do find yourself missing a crucial photograph, or you wish to facilitate the use of only one camera, it is possible to extract images from the fisheye photos captured by your iGUIDE camera. Follow the steps below to learn how.

  1. (In Survey) Position your iGUIDE camera facing into a room from a preferred angle. 

  2. Press the “Still Image” button (shutter icon) on Survey to take a photograph of the room (See Figure 1). As you can see the image is not added to the 1-2-3 pano shot thumbnails (top-left of Survey window) as this is an independent image, saved to a separate folder.

Figure 1 - Take a Still Image

Note: Items further away will make for a better image overall, closer items may cause excessive distortion of an object that can not be corrected in Stitch. The below images are good examples of distance.

An example of excessive distortion:

  1. (In Stitch) You will notice a “Pictures” folder; this is where your still images are located. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Pictures folder location

Note: The following steps are also applicable to creating an image from a full panorama.

  1. To adjust the stills, click once to highlight your selection under the Pictures folder and click the Wizard Hat icon. See Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Wizard Hat icon

  1. You will be prompted with a window where you can adjust the image to your liking, also note the Auto colour button;  this should adjust the photo to more closely resemble any 360 pano you took in the same room. See Figure 4.


Figure 4 - Adjusting your image

  1. Press Done to save your changes and close the window.

Note: If taking an image from a pano you may notice a seam in some of the previews, this is normal and will be corrected upon export. 

  1. To capture the image as a still, you now need to select the “Camera” icon on the toolbar. See Figure 5.

Figure 5 - Camera Icon

  1. You will be presented with a screen where you may now compose your image. See Figure 6.

Figure 6 - Take Snapshot

Figure 6 Legend

  1. Move the slider to select your desired (FoV) Field of View.

  2. Select a grid format to help you frame the photograph.

  3. Choose your (AR) Aspect Ratio.

  4. If you’re satisfied with the image, click "Capture".

  5. Your file will be exported to a new folder location; a message will appear in the top-right corner of your screen.

For a video on taking Still Images using your iGUIDE camera, see the below Masterclass: