This article covers the recent updates to the “My iGUIDEs” page. These changes are intended to help you quickly find the iGUIDEs you’re looking for, and more efficiently determine the status of your iGUIDEs.

Type & Status

iGUIDE Type & Status has been added in the “Search Filters” section. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - iGUIDE Type & Status filters

  1. Type: Type will allow you to filter your iGUIDE list by the type of iGUIDE, this includes “All”, “Standard”, “Premium” and “Photos Only”.

  1. Status: Status will allow you to filter specifically by an iGUIDE’s current status, this includes “All”, “Drafted”, “Processing” and “Missing Stitch Data” see below for more details:

    1. Published: Your iGUIDE has been published and is now live.

    1. Processing: Your Stitch Data has been successfully uploaded.

    2. Missing Stitch Data: This is probably the most important list, as here you can see which iGUIDES do not have Stitch Data associated with them.

Visual Indicators & other changes

Within this page, you will now also see status indicators within the iGUIDE frame. See below for the listed changes and Figure 2 for visual reference.

  1. Added “Missing Stitch Data” tag: Your iGUIDE does not yet have Stitch Data uploaded.

  2. Added “Processing” tag to indicate that your Stitch Data has been successfully uploaded.

  3. Added “Red Border” on iGUIDEs with missing Stitch Data to help draw your attention to iGUIDES which may still require action.

  4. Changed “Drafted” to “Published” to align with current terminology.

  5. Added a “Lock” symbol to indicate a locked iGUIDE View.

Figure 2 - Status indicators & wording changes