iGUIDE Radix provides the technology for insurance and restoration professionals to capture comprehensive property data for use in estimating the cost of damages quickly and efficiently. It is an easily shareable 3D tour consisting of lidar point cloud data and panoramas. The 3D tour works in the same way you have come to expect with an iGUIDE, however, there are no drafted floor plans; which means your 3D tour is online and available within a number of hours. Giving you the edge when it comes to turn-around time.

This article will explain how to create an iGUIDE Radix on the portal via PC and smart device, and how to upload modified data (corrections, additions, etc.)

Creating an iGUIDE Radix is simple, there are two methods:

  1. Align the laser data in Survey and perfect in Stitch (IMS-5 & PLANIX)

  2. Align the laser data in Survey and upload from your mobile device. (PLANIX Only)

Method A: Creating & Uploading an iGUIDE Radix via Stitch/Portal.

Once you have confirmed that your data is aligned correctly in Stitch, and you have made any image edits required, export the file then simply go to “Create New iGUIDE” as per usual.

  1. Choose your package: “Radix (no drafted floor plan)”. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 - iGUIDE Radix selection

Please note, the iGUIDE Radix package will be added to your monthly bill immediately once Stitch Data is Uploaded. This Package cannot be converted to a Standard iGUIDE at a later time.

  1. Set up the iGUIDE as you usually would; enter the address, confirm agent branding (if necessary) and complete the form up until the Stitch Upload area. Once you have selected your .tar export file, make sure that there are no errors, your upload should look as below. See Figure 2.


Figure 2 - iGUIDE Radix upload

Should you find an error message on-screen such as below (see figure 3) this means you may have processed your data in an older version of Stitch, please browse to the goiguide.com/downloads page and update your version of Stitch, then re-export your project.

Figure 3 - iGUIDE Radix upload error

When the upload is complete, you can make changes to the iGUIDE in the portal as per usual. Once the iGUIDE is ready, you will receive a report automatically via email.

Method B: Creating & Uploading an iGUIDE Radix via Survey/Smart Device (PLANIX Version).

In Survey, confirm that your laser data is aligned as precise as possible (if using PLANIX you can snap data that is out of place using the Align button in the “Survey” screen) 

  1. Once aligned, in Survey go to the “Project” page. See Figure 4.

Figure 4 - PLANIX Project screen selection

  1. Once on the Project screen, select the “Export to Stitch .TAR” Icon. See Figure 5.

Figure 5 - Export to Stitch .TAR Icon

  1. Once selected you will receive the following prompt: “Export to Stitch TAR for iGUIDE Radix. IMPORTANT: This Stitch TAR cannot be used for drafting iGUIDEs.“ (see figure 6). Select “Ok” to begin export

Figure 6 - Export Confirmation

  1. You will then see the export screen as your device processes the file. See Figure 7.

Figure 7 - Export progress

  1. Once Completed, press “Finish” to complete the export process. See FIgure 8.

Figure 8 - Finishing the export process

  1. Once the Export Process is complete, you will then have the option to “Download” the file from Survey (see figure 9) - this saves locally to your Smart Device file system, so that you are able to create an iGUIDE “on-the-fly”. Please note, you will need either a Mobile Data connection or WiFi connection to do this. 

FYI: These files can be large (depending on how many panos taken) so if using mobile data, please make sure that you have enough data in your plan to support this.

Figure 9 - Download exported Stitch .TAR file.

  1. Once downloaded, please navigate to the “Create New iGUIDE” page, and follow the same steps as Method A.

How to upload an iGUIDE Radix update/modification.

Why you would need to update the Radix with new data:

  1. You noticed on the 3D tour that something wasn’t aligned correctly 

  2. You returned to site and obtained missing data

  3. You returned to site to update the iGUIDE Radix with new data

This is just a few examples of what may be the reason for an update/modification. Updating an iGUIDE Radix is simple, below are the instructions on how to do this.

  1. Browse to manage.youriguide.com and find your iGUIDE Radix (you can also filter specifically for iGUIDE Radix’s using the search filters) Select the iGUIDE Title, or click on “iGUIDE Details”. See Figure 10.

Figure 10 - Title/iGUIDE Details link

  1. Once you are on the iGUIDE Details page, look to the left hand side of the page, where you have the Menu: “Operator Actions” - under this menu Select “Stitch Data”. See Figure 11.

Figure 11 - Stitch Data Menu Item

  1. Once you are on the Stitch Data page, you will see that you have the “Upload New Stitch Data” option, select this and you will be able to re-upload the data. See Figure 12 & 13.

Figure 12 - Upload New Stitch data button

Figure 13 - Upload new Data

  1. Once your upload is complete, it may take up to 1 minute per pano to process & publish.