Operators have the ability to apply different default settings to iGUIDEs based on the Banner they use. Banner settings is a helpful tool for operators who wish to publish iGUIDEs for various agents with specific settings. NOTE: Banner settings will override the operator’s default settings.

Banner Settings

1) Log in to the iGUIDE Portal (manage.youriguide.com).

2) Go to Settings 

3) Click on “Manage Banners” on the banner you wish to apply changes to, click on the “Edit Banner Settings” button. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Navigating to banner settings.

4) As shown in Figure 2, you can choose to automatically add users to the iGUIDE report section, add users as editors, and add users to analytics by default each time this banner is selected.

Figure 2. iGUIDE Report, iGUIDE Editors, and iGUIDE Analytics

NOTE: To add a user as an Editor, please make sure they have signed up on manage.youriguide.com/auth/signup

5) We are able to set default iGUIDE viewer settings such as Start options, PDF Custom Text, Protection, etc. See Figure 3. 

Figure 3. iGUIDE Viewer

6) Figure 4 shows Other Options that are available to be set as default settings along with Pano Branding Image.

Figure 4. iGUIDE Other Options

NOTE: Selecting a banner after an iGUIDE entry is created will not override the iGUIDE's current settings. The banner must be selected on the Create iGUIDE page.