Choosing your measurement standard

This section explains how to change your measurement standard on the iGUIDE Portal, here. If you wish to select a specific Measurement Standard, then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Portal

  2. Go to My iGUIDEs and find the iGUIDE that needs to be edited and click Edit.

  3. On the Edit Default View page find the section called “Measurement Standard” (see Figure 1)

Figure 1 - Measurement Standard selection

  1. The options for Measurement standards are as follows:

    • System Default (Legacy)

    • RECA RMS

    • ANSI Z765

    For information on these standards, please see the Method of Measurement KBA

Please note: for ANSI Z765 - you must provide a wall thickness. To do this please see 
Changing Wall Thickness and Below Grade Status (See Figure 2)

Figure 2 - ANSI wall thickness warning

If you wish to set a specific standard as your default for all iGUIDEs, head over to the iGUIDE Defaults page in your profile.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to switch back to the System default from the RECA or ANSI selections you will be presented with the following warning message (see Figure 3)

Figure 3 - System default warning message

Please note, this will revert all changes made back to the defaults; including tags, label edits, hidden panos, saved pano angles etc. (basically any changes made in the portal post-publishing)

Selecting a Room & Flag

This section explains how to change room assignments and Included/Excluded/Exterior flags for rooms on the iGUIDE Portal, here. To modify a room you must select either the RECA RMS or ANSI Z765 in the drop-down prior to continuing, as noted in the previous section.

  1. Log in to the Portal

  2. Go to My iGUIDEs and find the iGUIDE that needs to be edited and click Edit.

  3. Scroll down to Preview.

  4. Click on the pencil icon that is beside the room label which needs to be updated, modified, or changed. (See figure 4.)

Figure 4: Selecting a room to edit

  1. You will see a pop up on top of the 3D Tour area, here you can change the room type selector (1) and the Included/Excluded/Exterior flag options (2) in the provided pop up. Once chosen, click the blue Ok button. (See Figure 5.)

Figure 5: Editing a room

  1. Once the label has been changed click the Save button at the bottom of the page. (See Figure 6.)

Figure 6: Saving your work